This is not a religion

This is not a religion

This is not a religion
In this piece, you will experience community with the collective through untamed dance. Be uplifted and indulge in togetherness and comfort. Seamlessly, structure and form change and your intuition is put into play. This involving performance is an unexpected experience, where your notions about yourself are turned upside down.

THIS IS NOT A RELIGION, a breathtaking, immersive dance piece and the third part of Bobbi Lo Production’s trilogy on power and the abuse of power. A piece that makes space for the complex duality between the collective and the individual. Seven dancers will invite you and kindly but firmly take charge. They lead you on a journey of togetherness, in a meticulously choreographed mix of; movement, voice and very well composed music. But don’t worry, This is not a religion..

The portrayal is touching and effective; in just 45 evocative and well-composed minutes, we are guided through the entire process of brainwashing.” Boel Gerell, review of This is not a religion, Sydsvenskan

About us
Bobbi Lo Produktion creates innovative art for children and youth that speaks to all senses and therefore becomes open and inclusive. Led by artistic directors Lava Markusson and Michael Tang, Bobbi Lo Produktion has its base in Malmö and has produced artistic works for stage, digital festivals and commissions with premieres in Sweden and abroad since 2018. Bobbi Lo Produktion works to create a universe for its audiences where dance is the foundation and sound, costume and set design become a landscape to step into. With an articulate movement language and sharp aesthetics, Bobbi Lo Produktion creates performances where the audience gets to meet both themselves and the dancers very closely.

International touring
THIS IS NOT A RELIGION is suitable for black-box venues and proscenium theaters. The piece was created to tour both nationally and internationally to venues and festivals appealing to both youth and adults. Bobbi Lo Produktion has toured Internationally to Denmark, Germany, Northern Ireland, Belgium, The Faroe Islands and Greenland.

On stage Moa Autio, Matilda Bjärum, Jan Vesala, Viktor Konvalinka, Tiemen Stemerding, Lotta Sandborgh och Michael Tang
Choreography Lava Markusson och Michael Tang
Composer Hans-Ole Amossen
Production Bobbi Lo produktion
Light Designer Tanya Theo Johansson
Set Designer Samal Blak
Alexandra Bergman
Target group 13-19 years
Duration 55 min
Trailer Diego Monsiváis
 Michael Tang +45 41410483, Lava Markusson +46 705780287