Swedstage 2024

Swedstage 2024 – Special editions!

The first Swedstage was organized in 2012 by The Swedish Performing Arts Coalition and ASSITEJ Sweden in an effort to present the very best of Swedish performing arts for children, youth and adults. Since then, we have presented exclusively selected Swedish performances able to tour and available for an international audience, every second year.

After the pandemic, we decided that Swedstage 2022 should be a ”Young Swedstage”. All the selected performances were aimed towards children and youth. Young Swedstage took place during the Bibu-festival in Helsingborg in may 2022.
This year we will present not one, but two showcases! One aiming for the audience children and youth and one aimed towards adults and young adults.


Young Swedstage, presented by ASSITEJ Sweden, will take place at Bibu-festival, in Helsingborg may 15-18th. 

Target group: Children and youth


Swedstage Stockholm, presented by Swedish Performing Arts Coalition in collaboration with Stockholm Fringe Festival, World Fringe Congress and the queerfestival Stolt Scenkonst, will take place in Stockholm, august. 

Target group: Adults and young adults



Since 2012 Swedstage has been arranged in Stockholm every other year to present the best of Swedish performing arts for international agents. The 2022 edition, however, was presented during Bibu – the Swedish Performing Arts Biennial for Youth and the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering, May 17 – 22, under the name of Young Swedstage.

Young Swedstage focuses on marketing well-chosen Swedish performing arts for children and young people to an international audience. Eight productions were presented live in Helsingborg, all able to tour and available for an international audience.

”The goal is to give more swedish productions and producers the opportunity to find their path to international scenes and festivals”, says Niclas Malmcrona, general manager of ASSITEJ Sweden, one of the organizers of Swedstage together with Swedish Performing Arts Coalition.

If you weren’t able to visit Sweden in May you now have the possibility to see specially filmed presentations of all selected productions here on the Swedstage web-site. Eight productions ranging from theatre and dance to cirkus and interactive experiences are presented by their creators mixed with images from each production. Essential information about each production is also available as well as contact information to the companies.

Swedstage is founded by Swedish Institute, Swedish Arts Council, Region Stockholm, City of Stockholm and The Swedish Art Grants Committee.