Young Swedstage 2022

Young Swedstage 2022!

Since 2012 Swedstage has been arranged every other year to present the 
best of swedish performing arts for international agents. The 2022 
edition, however, will be arranged under the name Young Swedstage 
selecting and presenting especially performances for children and youth. 
Young Swedstage will be staged in collaboration with Bibu – the biennal 
for performing arts for children and youth in Helsingborg in the south 
of Sweden. 

”The goal is to give more swedish productions and producers the 
opportunity to find their path to international scenes and festivals”, 
says Niclas Malmcrona, general manager of ASSITEJ Sweden, one of the 
organizers of Swedstage together with Swedish Performing Arts Coalition. 
”The pandemic situation has challenged our creativity and inventiveness, 
which makes us want to try new things”

”The collaboration with Swedstage is amazing, since ASSITEJ is 
contributing to an even broader international audience that will 
strengthen Bibu’s significance internationally”, says Niklas Borefors, 
CEO and general manager of Bibu. ”I’m looking forward to try the concept 
of Young Swedstage at Bibu 2022, hoping that it could be a reoccurring 
feature, at Bibu or as a separate event in the southern part of Sweden”. 


Selected Performances 2022
Click on each photo to read more about the performances selected to Young Swedstage –
performing live at Bibu Biennal 17-22 May in Helsingborg
Bobbi Lo Production
Regionteater Väst
Big Wind
Johanssons Pelargoner och Dans
Claire Parsons Co
Kompani Giraff
Stinnerbom Production
Dockteatern Tittut

While you are waiting for Bibu 2022 to take place…
Why not listen to a panel talk from Swedstage 2020?

– Swedstage Online presents a conversation about freedom of speech and democracy

Press CC to get English captions

Freedom of expression is increasingly attacked and restricted in many countries of the world. Censorship and self-censorship within the arts are also growing in way too many countries. The ongoing pandemic has put even more pressure on artists, as the focus has moved elsewhere.
The organization Freemuse notes yet again a clear increase in those who want to silence others: not only governments and authorities, but also more and more religious institutions and organizations. In a conversation with Swedish and foreign artists and stakeholders we highlight the decreasing space of bold performing arts, that challenge power and norms.
Can art be used as resistance? Can art break down walls? Can art pave the way forward? Learn how our peers around the world deal with censorship, self-censorship and threats.

Nedjma Chaouche, Freelance journalist and facilitator
Nasim Aghili, Director and playwright
Louise Frisk, Secretary General Clowns without Borders Sweden
Astrid Menasanch Tobieson, Director and playwright

See more international testimonies here:


Dr Srirak Plipat is the Executive Director of Freemuse where he devises a comprehensive approach to defend artistic freedom and cultural expression through research, advocacy and policy influencing, working with local and international partners. READ MORE
Read the Freemuse report The State of Artistic Freedom 2020

Swedstage is founded by Swedish Institute, Swedish Arts Council, Region Stockholm, City of Stockholm and The Swedish Art Grants Committee. 

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