Artistic advisors 2018

Here are the artistic advisors for the showcase 2018:

Anna Håkansson
Anna works as a theatre ciritic and the chairman of the Swedish Theatre Critics’ Association.

Bengt Andersson
Bengt is working as the executive director of the children and youth department of the National Touring Theatre (Riksteatern). He is also a board member of ASSITEJ Sweden and BIBU – the Swedish children’s theatre festival.

Cecilia Suhaid Gustafsson
Cecilia is the artistic director at Atalante, where she has curated several festivals and performances. She has a long background as a project manager and curator.

Anna Berg
Anna works as a dramaturg with the main focus on children’s theatre. She is currently working at the Royal Dramatic Theatre. She is also a board member of ASSITEJ SwedenBIBU – the Swedish children’s theatre festival and The Children’s Theatre Academy (Barnteaterakademien).