Revisit Young Swedstage 2022

We are taking Young Swedstage abroad to meet international colleagues and friends!

In January we took the showcase Young Swedstage to APAP, New York, USA and in April we visited Krokus Festival in Hasselt, Belgium to promote selected Swedish performing arts for children and youth.

Now we are preparing to take our eight selected performances to Segni d’Infanzia in Mantua, Italy 29 October to 5 November 2023 where we will make pitch presentations and talk about Swedish performing arts for children and youth.

We are proud to announce that one of our selected performances, Little Swan Lake by Claire Parsons Co. are scheduled to perform in the festival program! In addition, Johanssons pelargoner och Dans holds a masterclass and Bobbi Lo produktion will give a workshop during the festival. There are many great opportunities to get acquainted to Swedish Performing Arts when visiting Mantua.

Read more about the festival Segni d’Infanzia HERE

Meet us during APAP in New York from January 13th to 17th!

In January 2023 we will attend APAP in New York City, promoting selected Swedish performing arts for children and youth.

Our eight selected productions – all able to tour and available for an international audience, will be presented, and we will be available to tell you more about the performing arts landscape in Sweden.

Meet us at the APAP Expo at Hilton Midtown, both no 349, or make an appointment with us elsewhere in New York!

In February, February 17th to 21st, we will visit Krokus Festival in Hasselt, Belgium, together with Swedish artists and performances (Snow/Docktetern Tittut, Little Swanlake/Claire Parsons dance Co) and a workshop led by Bobbi Lo Production.

We will also make a presentation of Swedish performing arts for children and youth and make possibilities for the festival visitors to meet some of our Swedish artists live, performing at the festival.