The Bee in Me

Illustration: Lina Ekstrand/Agent Molly & Co


Everything begins very well. You wake up. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping outside. You suddenly notice that you can fly, like a bee. And you do it! You fly out of your room, up against the summer sky. Wonderful! But suddenly everything changes. You have reached Level 2! And you have to hurry up for school. Get dressed. Find something to eat for breakfast. And you definitely do not want to wake your parents. When you’re almost done with these challenges, you tumble over an empty beer bottle. Then your daddy starts to yell, and your mom too. Now you have to run fast! As fast as you can! Open the front door and close it behind you. Finish! You have reached Level 3. School. You get through difficulty after difficulty by transforming and moving to the next level. Is life really a game? And if that’s the case, what is there to win?

From the child’s perspective, Roland Schimmelpfennig’s gripping and humorous story is about the ability to overcome difficulties as if the world were a video game.

By Roland Schimmelpfennig
Translation Frederik Sjögren
Director Nora Nilsson
Dramaturge Ninna Tersman
Set and costume design Julia Przedmojska
Make up Linda Goncalves
Light design Sofie Gynning (intern from StDH)
Sound design Safoura Safavi
With Ester Claesson, Daniel Nyström, Dejmis Rustom Bustos

Target group 8-11 years
Duration 60 min