The Night of February 28th


Photo: Karl Andersson

The assassination of the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1986 is an event that has profoundly affected Swedish society. In The Night of February 28th, we get to meet two sisters, Sarah and Helena, who are growing up in this crucial period of Sweden’s modern history.

Sarah is the singer of the punk band “The Disgust” and Helena dreams of touring with Up With People. Through their stories we experience some of the changes, emotions and conflicts that dominated Sweden in the 1980s.

The Night of February 28th is a drastic, painful and humorous performance with a lot of music.

BY: Ninna Tersman and the ensemble
DIRECTOR: Kjell Moberg
WITH: Mårten Andersson, Frida Beckman, Siri Hamari, Martin Lagos, Kim Theodoridou Bergquist
SET: Sören Brunes
COSTUME: Jenny Linhart

Target group: Youth/Adults
Duration: 1 h, 15 min
Language: Swedish with English subtitles