Arkeolog 8

Through the five dancers, the audience gets to know Lucy who is fragile, strong and proud. She is more than what you first see: what is bubbling within her, slowly comes oozing out through the show and looses up the boundary between what we see and don’t.

Tight braids and heavy skirts sweep us into a captivating show with Archeolog 8′s typical expression: tough, urban dance with groove, sharpness and power. Lucy is a strong, effective dance performance investigating how to claim social space, different expectations on gender and identity formation.

Lucy Foto Christian Jager
Photo: Christian Jäger

CHOREOGRAPHERS: Camilla Reppen, Camilla Walków, Josefine Alfredsson, Tarika Wahlberg, Clara Bankefors
WITH: Camilla Reppen, Camilla Walków, Clara Bankefors, Josefine Alfredsson, Tarika Wahlberg

TARGET GROUP: Youth/Adults
DURATION: 30 min
LANGUAGE: Non verbal