The Kid


"The Kid" Photo: Martin Skoog
Photo: Martin Skoog 

The Kid was a dream come true for Pantomimteatern. Our stage adaption of Charlie Chaplin’s silent classic ”The Kid” from 1921 is the kind of project that is inspiring, challenging and just plain fun! This show allowed us make use of both classic and innovative theatrical techniques. In creating the world of ”Charlie” we use mime, half-masks, an original musical score, film projections and a set design full of imaginative solutions and props.

Director: My Areskoug
Script: Sara Beer
With: Bo W Lindström, Thea Skallevold, Ulrika Mannerfelt
Set/ Mask: Sara Kander
Costume: Mimmi Harms Oredsson, Sara Kander
Make up: Mimmi Harms Oredsson
Music: Matti Bye
Target group: From 6 years
Duration: 50 min, no intermission