Nils Holgersson

Västanå Teater

"Nils Holgersson" Photo: Per Hardestam
Photo: Per Hardestam

Nils is a bully. A lazy, mischievous and malicious fourteen-year-old boy. On his parents’ farm he spreads pain and fear among people and animals. When he, by an echoing slap, turn into a Lilliputian his perspective changes. He himself becomes the victim, the hunted. The wonderful journey through the animals’ wild and strange world brings him knowledge and maturity.
By: Selma Lagerlöf
Director: Jakob Hultcrantz Hansson
With: Tomas Åhnstrand, Jakob Fahlstedt, Adriana Savin
Musicians: Jonas Brandin, Oskar Reuter
Costume: Inger Hallström Stinnerbom
Music Editor: Magnus Stinnerbom
Choreographer: Jimmy Meurling
Make up: Torbjörn Alström
Target group: From 7 years
Duration: 1h and 10 min, no intermission