Miss Julie

Strindbergs Intima Teater and Anna Pettersson

"Miss Julie" Photo: Elisabeth Olsson Wallin
“Miss Julie” Photo: Elisabeth Olsson Wallin

My staging of Miss Julie started out as an Artistic Development Project at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts over this question: How to interfoliate the moving image with the actor’s physical expression in a scenic presentation? This has given me plenty of time to explore how to interfoliate storytelling by moving images with the actor’s bodily interpretation.

I therefore have a cameraman with me on stage filming parts of my acting and projecting it onto a backdrop, together with pre-recorded and edited material.

By playing all the three parts myself, I let the focus shift from the traditional naturalistic form in order to explore the inner, more complex motivation, urges and contradictions that are part of human nature and put this in juxtaposition to the play’s well known themes of class, gender, power and social environment.

The entire concept of the staging is that a single person can contain all these roles. My point of departure is that there is a struggle within every one of us between evil, good, loftiness, lowness, strength, weakness, self-promotion, morality, lust, wretchedness, and at times even bit of self-attraction.

I’ve also given a lot of thought to why yet another woman in world drama has to commit suicide because she has not been sufficiently chaste.
//Anna Pettersson

By: August Strindberg
Direction and all roles: Anna Pettersson
Camera/ Digital effects: Max Marklund
Light: Mikael Kratt
Sound: Gustave Lund
Target group: Adults
Duration: 1h and 30 min, no intermission