Snö – Dockteatern Tittut

Snö (Snow) is a dance – and puppetry performance, inspired by the Sápmi landscape. It is made in collaboration with Dans i Nord, a dance institution in Piteå in the north part of Sweden. In Snow the life in the Sami mountains is embodied through dance and puppets.
The snow creaks and squeaks. The ice is cracking. The animals move across the landscape. Nature is self-evident and eternal. A source of energy and reflection. In the performance, we get to follow a reindeer calf that gets lost from its herd. During its search back, it meets wild animals and follow the changes of the season. The audience/children often talk during the show where they tell and explain what they see. It is like them being a part of the performance.

The Sami languages has more than 200 words for snow: melted snow, flying snow, sticky snow, hard snow, icy snow…and more. This beautiful white snowy landscape being the backdrop to the piece SNOW. The performance is for everybody from 4 years of age.

International touring
Snö (Snow) is a dance-puppet production designed to tour both nationally and internationally at venues and festivals, appealing to both youth and adults.

About Dockteatern Tittut
Since 1977 Dockteatern Tittut (English: Peeka-boo) has created artistically exciting strong performances, always with the young child in focus. Founded in 1977 by Ing-Mari Tirén, the puppet theater Tittut has performed for children 2-6 years for almost 45 years. At the time, theatre for children under the age of five, was unheard of. The common idea was that children at this young age were yet too undeveloped to comprehend art. By offering high quality theatre to the youngest, Ing-Mari Tirén proved this untrue. A new era of Swedish childrens theatre had begun.

Today, the understanding of children and their conception of art has changed. In Sweden there is a broad supply of culture for the youngest and theatre is now even created for babies and toddlers. For many of our young visitors it is the first time going to the theatre. Through the years we have found that introducing the show with a prelude outside the theatre space, is a very effective way to build trust, curiosity, and a desire to enter the magical world of theatre.

We have worked with some of Sweden’s most accomplished puppet makers, illustrators, and children book authors. We have collaborated with the Royal Swedish Opera, Riksteatern and Dans I Nord. We also regularly work with the world’s leading shadow theatre director; Fabrizio Montecchi.

On stage: Tobias Ulfvebrand and Hugo Therkelson
Director: Sophia Segrell
Dramatization: The ensemble
Scenography and costume: Lisa Kjellgren Almstig
Music: Tobias Ulfvebrand and Hugo Therkelson
Choreography: Hugo Therkelson and Tobias Ulfvebrand
Light: Robin Thorman
Sound: Hugo Therkelson
Photo: Jonas Jörneberg
Target group: 4+
Duration: 35 min

Producer Agneta Attling, +46 736 54 40 30