SAAJVA The other world – Stinnerbom Production

SAAJVA The other world

SAAJVA, the other world, is a Saami stunt dance performance about the other world, The Kingdome of Death. It is a performance that challenges the thin layers and the possibility of constantly staying and dancing upside down. This poetically beautiful dance is performed in a constant flow of movements mostly performed on one hand. On the International Dance Day, April 29, 2022, Ola Stinnerbom set a new World Record in standing and dancing upside down. In the older Saami culture, the Kingdome of Death was a mirror world directly beneath ourselves.

International touring
SAAJVA, the other world, is a Saami stunt dance piece that enchants the audience with its outstanding performance. As we now offer our production SAAJVA to the international market, we additionally and proudly present our newly produced Saami music with the ancient Saami song, the yoke. For more information and bookings of performances abroad, please contact Ulrika Skoog Holmgaard.

About Stinnerbom Production
Stinnerbom Production is a Saami production company that produces dance performances, yoik concerts, exhibitions, and lectures. Ola Stinnerbom is a Saami yoik artist, musician, drummer, dancer and circus artist. Ola Stinnerbom runs his own record company where he creates and produces Saami music. Ola’s music takes the yoik to new heights and revolutionizes the traditional yoik expression.

On Stage: Ola Stinnerbom, Annika Frodi-Lundgren
Director, Music: Ola Stinnerbom
Photo: Håkan Larsson
Target Group: Children, youth and adults
Duration: 8 min, or by appointment