People respect me now

Lumor, in collaboration with Turteatern


No one had noticed any signals. A limp network of social workers, teachers, parents, lawyers and counsellors are trying to understand the terrible event that has happened.

The beloved music teacher, the soccer dad, the toughest guy in class and the school outsider – all of which star in this ’everyday thriller’ about violent men and boys. In the newly written piece People Respect Me Now, the audience is to resolve the puzzle of what did or did not happen, who that carries responsibility, who is set free and what might happen…

The script is based on personal stories and interviews with criminologists, therapists and social workers who work with violent male perpetrators.

Lumor is a praised Stockholm based Performing Arts Company run by the awardwinning playwright Paula Stenström Öhman and actor/director Oskar Thunberg. People respect me now was selected best contemporary Swedish play by ITI 2016.

The script is available in both German and Russian.

By and directed by: Paula Stenström Öhman
Set and light design: Markus Granqvist
Music and sound design: Saemundur Grettisson
Song and lyrics: Kajsa Grytt
Costume: Jenny Nordmark
With: Sandra Huldt, Eva Rexed, Oskar Thunberg, Lars Bringås
Photo: Freja Lindberg

Target group: adults
Duration: 3h
Language: Swedish with English subtitles