PACE is the first production from Below Zero, a Scandinavian made circus company. The show is an intimate duett with the hand to hand couple Axel and Sara. It touches on the idea of relationships - power imbalances, trust and consent.

To see PACE is to see our human heritage. It’s a story of two people as well as a story about society, of equality, where society is going and where we wish society as a whole can go.

With music ranging over different genres the soundscape is unpredictable which makes the performance even more alive as electric beats mixes with Scandinavian folk music.

With a simple yet impressive scenography PACE makes the stage come alive. From small intimate spaces to huge rooms with walls staring down at the artists, the scenography changes in a organic way together with the performance. The gentle light that the fatigued fabric imposes on the space creates a bridge between the industrial doorframe of solid steel and the human fragility of the artists bodies.

It’s a personal piece where the artists gives a honest performance filled with warmth, humour, emotion, original movement and the highest level of modern circus.

About us
Below Zero is a Swedish circus company that creates modern and innovative circus art. The company is characterized by its visually Scandinavian style, its strong themes, and the seamless blend of acrobatic tricks, choreography, and physical theater.

International touring
PACE is an easy rigged performance suitable for black-box venues and proscenium theaters. It can tour nationally and internationally at venues and festivals, appealing to both young adults and adults. Below Zero gives about 50 performances per year. Internationally, the company has performed in Norway, Denmark, Lithuania, and Belgium and aspires to have a more global audience.


Production Below Zero
On stage Axel Ahl and Sara Runsten
Set Design and Light Design Joel Jedström, 
Saara Ahola, 
 Evelina Jensen, Vilhelm Montán Lindberg
Music Aukai, Dreamers Circus, The books
Photo Isak Stockås
Target group 14 years and above
Duration 50min