Moln – Kompani Giraff

Moln is a circus performance imbued with music and inspired by the life and work of legendary Swedish poet Karin Boye. It’s framework is the tale of a collection of individuals living at each other’s mercy in a sort of vacuum between childhood and adolescence. Dystopian, yet life-affirming, it moves between the ordinary and the grand.

International touring
Moln is suitable for black-box venues and proscenium theaters. It can tour nationally and internationally at venues and festivals, appealing to both young adults and adults. Kompani Giraff gives about 150 performances per year. Internationally, the company has performed in China, America, France, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania and Malta.

About Kompani Giraff
Kompani Giraff creates visual and unique circus performances with a foundation of poetic narrative and a passion for magic in everyday life situations. With this foundation they seek to explore new ground in contemporary circus and make use of their own different experiences in the performing arts to create truly interdisciplinary works of art.

On stage: Axel Ahl, Benjamin Beaujard, Elaine Briant, Sara Runsten
Director: Viktoria Dalborg
Scenography and costume: Sus Soddu
Make up: Sophie Rockwell
Light: Sofie Gynning
Music: Jonathan Johansson, David Lindvall
Photo: José Figueroa
Target group: Young adults
Duration: 60 min

Mette Klouman