Materia – I am not Linda Lovelace


Based on the true story of Linda Lovelace.

In 1971, Linda is a prostitute.
She lives in a brothel.
She is regularly beaten by her pimp.

In 1973 Linda is 23 years old and has the world at her feet.
She goes to dinner with Jack Nicholsson, cocktails with Liz Taylor and she is the mistress of Sammy Davis Junior.
She is world famous.

In 1975 she leaves everything.

Materia is a play of power and humiliation, ownership and freedom, about body and rectification. It is the story of a woman's struggle for justice and self-respect despite the distrust of an entire world. It is also the story of Sweden 2018 where Linda's fate is repeated every day. Most importantly, it is the story of everyone standing close - all of us who are watching.

Director and concept Oskar Thunberg
Text Paula Stenström Öhman
With Sandra Huldt, Emil Brulin, Jenny Bjärkstedt
Puppets Jenny Bjärkstedt
Set and costume design Hanna Cecilia Lindkvist
Light design Sofie Anderson
Sound design/composition Mira Eklund
Photo Henrik Dahl

Target group Adults
Duration 80 min