Little Swan Lake – Claire Parsons Co.

Little Swan Lake deals with the sensation of getting lost in chaos, silence and oneself within a group. Through organic language the work introduces a world where the viewer is emerged in atmospheres. Layers of images, rhythm and physicality drive a continuous flow aspiring a reflective state.

International touring
Little Swan Lake is a mid-scale contemporary dance-hybrid production designed to tour both nationally and internationally at venues and festivals, appealing to both youth and adults.

About Claire Parsons Co.
Claire Parsons Co. is an international production house and a meeting place for cross-disciplinary artistic work. our main focus is large scale performing arts projects, aiming to challenge different approaches to both the creation and the experience of performing arts.

On stage 2022: Nea Landin, Linnea Sundling and Petter Wadsten
Director: Claire Parsons
Choreographer: Claire Parsons
Scenography: Emma Fallde, Tina Paulson
Costume: Bitte Palm
Make up: Moa Hedberg
Light: Jesper Larsson
Music: Mikael Svanevik
Photo: Sören Vilks

Target group: from 4 years, families
Duration: 40 min

Lena Yngvesson