Into the Roots – Big Wind

Into the Roots is a performance where Fanny Kivimäki has been working with her own and other people ́s homesickness. For us who once left home or were forced into exile. It’s a nostalgic show about the things that we for better or worse associate with our roots.
With her strong scenic presence and poignant longing, Fanny Kivimäki makes a performance about life, dreams and remorse, in close collaboration with a video artist, composer and light designer. Homesickness is portrayed by a combination of music, dreamlike videos and expressive dance that all together create a colorful experience, where much is left for your own fantasy and interpretation

International touring
Into The Roots is a contemporary dance solo production with video projections designed to tour both nationally and internationally. The set can easily be adapted for different kind of venues, schools, stages or festivales, appealing to both youth and adults. We bring all the technology and equipment that the show requires.

About Big Wind
Big Wind was started in 1989. It was the desire to mix dance, music and theater that brought together eight musicians and choreographers. Playing for both children and adults was obvious from the beginning. Now, thirty years later, the original ideas are still what drives the Big Wind. Many new faces, voices and bodies have been added, but the feeling remains.

On stage: Fanny Kivimäki
Created by:
Fanny Kivimäki as artist in residence at Vara Konserthus
Video art projections: Carolina Jonsson
Music composer:
Sebastian Ring
Costume design:
Anna Bauer
Light design:
Lovisa Ivenholt Bergqvist
Monika Manowska and Jörgen Nahm
Target group: Youth and adults
Duration: 40 min

Fanny Kivimäki:
Producer at Big Wind: