Girls will make you blush

Photo: Sara P Borgström

Unga Klara

The becoming of a woman is one of the most important and urgent topics that you can possibly talk about. How does society relate to a girl that takes her physical steps out of childhood? Is female sexuality so gentle, fragile and non-existent as they say? Why is menstruation so stigmatized that even in tampon commercials it’s shown as transparent and blue? 

Girls will make you blush is a combination of dance and theatre that moves within the minds and bodies of girls during puberty. An energetic, fast-paced and funny performance wherein the voices of young girls are loud and shameless. Direct and disarming with a serious sense of humor. 


By Åsa Lindholm
Coreography/director Mari Carrasco/Gustav Deinoff
Set design
 Jenny Kronberg
Light design Johan Sundén
Costume design Farah Yusuf & MyNa Do
Mask design Daniela Krestelica
Composer Dijle Neva Yigitbas (Neva Deelay)
Performers Lisette T. Pagler, Sandra Medina, Bianca Traum, Maria Salah, Rita Lemivaara
Publisher Colombine Teaterförlag
Technical coordinator Kristian Nielsen
Producer Katta Pålsson

Original production Unga Klara, Västmanlands Teater, Carrasco Dance Company
Original ensemble Bianca Traum, Elin Hallgren, Ellen Nyman, Malin Cederbladh, Rita Lemivaara, Sandra Medina
Original set and light design Sven Dahlberg  

Target group From 13 years
Duration 75 min