Do as I Say – Bobby Lo Produktion

Do as I Say is a physical dance performance that explores the issues of bullying and authority. The performance is interactive, with both the audience and dancers receives instructions from a recorded voice, but who is actually in charge?
Through abstract choreography and concrete stories, the audience is taken through an emotional and thought-provoking journey. How does group pressure affect us? Who is an authority? Why do we all do as he says? And what happens if we don’t or if we say no? DO AS I SAY is a performance that evokes emotions and creates new thoughts in both youth and adults.

International touring
DO AS I SAY is an interactive dance performance with English as the spoken language. The piece was created to tour both nationally and internationally to venues and festivals. The theme of bullying and authority is a relevant topic for both youth and adults and we find it very interesting to meet audiences from different countries. DO AS I SAY can be adapted to many different venues and has been touring in Sweden, Denmark, Greenland, Northern Ireland and The Faroe Islands.

About Bobbi Lo Produktion
Bobbi Lo Produktion is a dance company that focuses on creating dance performances for young audiences. The companies artistic work is in direct contact with the world around us and it is characterized by openness, challenge, and risk-taking. The company’s choreographer- duo, Lava Markusson and Michael Tang are interested in human behavior and how the art for an young audience can question and create dialogue around this. It is important for the company to create performances that speak to all senses and that therefore become open and inclusive. The body and the movement are always the core of the work and it is often integrated with interactive elements that lead to emptions, understanding, and insight that are difficult to reach with a sitting audience. Bobbi Lo Produktion is based in Malmö, Sweden and was founded in 2018. Over the years, the company has been touring and working both nationally and internationally.

On stage: Moa Au-o, Ma-lda Bjärum/Sarah Aviaja, Kris-an Reflsund, Lava Markusson and Michael Tang
Choreographers: Michael Tang and Lava Markusson.Composer: Jonatan Lundberg
Actor/voice: Magnus Schmitz
Photo: Alexandra Bergman
Target group: 13 years and up
Duration: 45 min and a short after talk
Contact: Michael Tang, +45 41410483