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Photo: Petra Hellberg

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Klara Soppteater - Kulturhuset Stadsteatern


The Swedish singer Ulla Billquist is one of the most popular schlager singers of the last century. She had a voice with a unique charisma that combined fragility, enigmatic darkness with seductive chirrups. With 370 music recordings and countless tours, she was known in every home all over Sweden, but still her  life is a puzzle embedded in a mystery.

July 6, 1946 she was found dead on her kitchen floor in central Stockholm, and was mourned all over Sweden. She was just 38 years old, and in the peak of her career. What happened? And why did she comitted suicied?

By: Vanna Rosenberg, Jonna Nordenskiöld
Director: Jonna Nordenskiöld
Light: Jonatan Winbo
Sound: Fredrik Meyer
Costume: Gudrun Rösnes
Make up: Anna Jensen Arktoft
With: Vanna Rosenberg, Fredrik Meyer

Target group: adults
Duration: 55 min
Language: english subtitles