Breath in the wild

Breath in the wild
What is dance? Dance can be anything, as well as three dancing tents!

Breath in the Wild is a contemporary dance performance that invites both young people and adults on an absurd movement journey of transformation. Through comedy and popular culture, the performance plays with the audience’s perceptions of the world around them.

The tent's movements encourage the children to comment and laugh - an exciting and energetic experience. Are they animals, monsters, humans, Martians, insects – or what? It is free for the imagination and it’s WILD.

International touring:
Breath in the Wild is a dance performance for the whole family and was created to fit people of all ages, languages and backgrounds.
The piece was designed to tour both nationally and internationally to venues and festivals.
At its core, the project seeks to challenge conventional notions of bodies, identity, and social behavior and we are very interested in meeting audiences from different countries.

Breath in the Wild can be adapted to different venues and has been touring in Sweden and France. Through the dance performance, we deliver the message that anyone can dance, regardless of their size, shape, gender, or background.
Literally, Anybody can dance, even tents!

About Shiraz Amar:
Shiraz Amar is an independent contemporary dancer and choreographer working in Europe. Inspired by the words of Susanne K. Langer "No Art suffers more misunderstanding, sentimental judgment, and mystical interpretation than the art of dancing", Shiraz's idea of dance is to create performances that would be attractive to people of all ages and backgrounds.

To achieve this, She mixes experimental dance methods with traditional ones, engaging with pop references and stage conventions as a foundation for abstraction and absurdity to emerge.
The result: contemporary dance pieces which are a mash-up between popular culture and conceptual art.

On stage Love Andersson, Molly Engblom and Jennie Bergsli
Choreographer Shiraz Amar
Music C+C Music Factory ft. Freedom Williams, Bee Gees
Production Shiraz Amar and Molly Byström
Photo Nils Gunnars
Target group 6-12 years
Duration 45 min (including 15 minutes activity and after talk)
 Shiraz Amar, Phone: +972 547311049,  +46 766477041