Boll? Boll. Boll?

Boll? Boll. Boll!

Ball? Ball. Ball! is a fantastical, playful and physical theatre show about a dream-like world where anything is possible. Where a small red ball suddenly can turn into a mouthwatering cake while a big one can turn into a hot air balloon. A world where one single word can describe and express anything and everything.
The constantly changing and moving scenography stretches, expands, folds and transforms in imaginative and creative ways as the story progresses.
The actors touch subjects such as friendship, jealousy, joy, anger and love in a playful manner that allows for own interpretation, abstract thinking and motivates creative expression.
With minimal use of language and through movement and music it inspires its audience to express themselves and challenge the way they think.

On stage Tehilla Blad, Lennart Gustafsson och Isabell Prevett-Gustavsson
Director  Josefin Lennström
Choreographer Malin From
Music Mats Karlsson
Set design Josefin Lennström
Production Mittiprickteatern
Photo Cecilia Ömalm
Target group 2-6 years
Duration 30 min
 Rolf S. Nielsen, tel +46739 31 00 84