Photo: Henning Eriksen


Kompani Giraff


Two circus performers create living sculptures from common objects and their own bodies. Through acrobatics and magic, they find moments of balance, where almost everything is perfect and still. As this moment is quite fragile, concentration but also a little bit of luck is necessary to achieve it. With elegant movements they create installations and images where the different kind of elements have to interact, work together as they are physically holding each other, keeping the pictures from falling apart. The show demonstrates how something that looks foolish at first, always finds its right place in the end and how intertwined cooperation can reach unexpected heights. The visual form based on choreography and object manipulation is for everyone, regardless of age or language skills.

Director: Viktoria Dalborg
Music: Hans Appelqvist
Set and costume: Ellen Utterström
With: Jenny Soddu och Axel Adlercreutz

Target group: from 3 years
Duration: 30 min
Language: non verbal