BamBam Frost – So Sorry

BamBam Frost

So Sorry
So Sorry is a study of pop cultural expressions, aesthetics and dances packaged in shiny pink plastic. The dancers push their bodies to the limit, testing where their exhaustion takes them, both physically and mentally. They embrace, while still being critical of, the popular culture that is consumed daily. To the beat of pulsating music, dressed in grey jumpsuits,  the dancers pull us in to an intense, fun, sweaty performance where dances we recognize get deconstructed and rebuilt again.

International ambitions

So Sorry is a small- to midscale dance work designed to tour both nationally and internationally to venues and festivals.
Target groups: young adults and adult audiences.

About BamBam Frost

BamBam Frost is a dancer and choreographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. She graduated from Stockholm University of the Arts, with a bachelor of contemporary dance in the spring of 2013. In her work she has moved between the club scene, commercial work, music videos and art institutions. During spring 2018 she debuted with the piece SORRY. BamBams work is in constant transformation and dialog with the now. There is a strong interest for social dances and pop cultural expressions. She plays with the thought of these as carriers of time, structures and context with which she through choreography can change the narratives of. Inspired by sci-fi BamBam uses choreography as a tool to imagine and propose alternatives.  Her new work YES opens at MDT in November 2020.

On stage BamBam Frost, Mari Carrasco, Lydia Östberg Diakité
Choreographer BamBam Frost
Lighting design Anton Andersson

Sound design Yared Cederlund
Set design Lisa Berkert Wallard
Assistant choreographer: Alexandra Tveit
Production Riksteatern and BamBam Frost
Photo Senay Berhe
Produktion made possible with support by Kulturrådet/The Swedish Arts Council, Stockholm Stad, Region Stockholm and Riksteaterns production residency.

Target group Adults
Duration 60 min
 Magnus Nordberg: