Orionteatern – In Search of Lost Time

Press CC for English captions for Swedish sequences


About In Search of Lost Time
A tale of liberation, a sonata, a dream, an awakening, a gothic cathedral, a lovely dress, a modernity machine, a metaphysical lecture, an overwhelming hornyness, a jealous delirium, a gender euphoria, bathroom graffiti, a spy thriller, a disruption of chronological time, an antidote to rationality and measurability, a re-enchantment of the world and a hymn to sensuousness.
Marcel Proust´epic masterpiece In search of Lost Time is a 4000 pages long attempt to put words to everything in existence that really cannot be described.
In spring 2019 a monologue dramatized from all seven parts of the novel premiered at Stockholms most innovative independent theatre, Orionteatern - directed by Maja Salomonsson and Nina Jeppsson.
From the childhood paradise of the lush town of Combray to the empty snobbery and positioning of the Parisian salon, to the violence of the first world war, actress/director Nina Jeppsson brought a large Proustian gallery of quirky characters to life. A virtuosity performance of such intensity and sense of ‘here and now’ that it blew the minds of audience and critics alike. After rave reviews and word getting around town, the rest of the run sold out completely.

International ambitions
In Search of Lost Time will return to Orionteatern October 14th – December 10th 2020. We are looking to tour theaters and festivals in the coming years. The play can be performed in English by fluent English-speaker actress Nina Jeppsson, or with an English translation being shown on screens throughout the performance. We would prefer to adapt the play to the specific theatrical space rather than produce a fit-all touring version.

About Orionteatern
Orionteatern is Stockholms largest independent theatre venue, a raw industrial space with a unique spatial feel and ceiling height. The performances are cutting edge of new practices and talent within performing arts, always at the forefront of pushing arts boundaries.
The theatre is wellknown for genrebreaking performing arts rooted in a strong musical tradition where physical theatre – circus, dance and mime - are important features. The theatre is one of few in Europe with a functioning stable, and our productions have featured horses, dogs, rabbits and had a whole farmyard on stage for the musical “Help Wanted” by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus, Lars Rudolfsson and Kristina Lugn.

To watch an English-texted film version of the performance in full, please email gita@orionteatern.se. Orionteatern will send you a link to a streaming site.

Text and director Maja Salomonsson & Nina Jeppsson
On stage Nina Jeppsson
Set design Mats Sahlström
Composer Kent Olofsson
Choreography Andriana Seecker
Costume Johanna Mårtensson
Make up Linda Sandberg
Light design Raimo Nyman
Video design Johannes Ferm Winkler/Visual relief
Photo José Figueroa

Target group Adults
Duration 3 hours with pause
Contact Gita Mallik gita@orionteatern.se