Helsingborg stadsteater & Malmö Dockteater – A Dreamplay

Helsingborg Stadsteater & Malmö Dockteater

About A Dream Play
A Dream Play is a tragic vaudevillesque pageant for two actors inspired by Strindberg, but also by Ibsen, Beckett and 20th century surrealistic dream clichés such as melting clocks, an elongated buttock and rabbits pulling people down their rabbit holes.
Where we begin and where we end up over the course of the play, really has no single answer. The piece is a farce, and a head trip, and a collective descent into a subconscious luna park. Situations, characters and scenery are in perpetual flux, the only constant is the present moment shared with the audience.

International touring
A Dream Play was performed at Helsingborg City Theatre´s small stage during the spring of 2020.

About Helsingborg Stadsteater (Helsingborg City Theatre)
Helsingborg Stadsteater produces theatre and experiences that invite to reflection on what it means to be human in today's society. We offer a wide repertoire of high quality performing arts for a broad audience. Through a boldly chosen repertoire and a clear commitment, Helsingborg's city theatre contributes to a more enlightened society.

About Malmö Dockteater (Malmö Puppet Theater)
Malmö Dockteate is one of Sweden's smallest theaters. A independent theater that works with the theatrical form and often works in a mix of theater and visual art. They have received several awards and accolades for their wayward and aesthetically bold performances. Their stage is located in a basement in Malmö, but they also tour in Sweden and internationally.

On stage Evamaria Björk och Nils Dernevik
By Erik Holmström freely after August Strindberg
Director Erik Holmström
Scenography and costume Evelina Johansson
Make up Julia Westerlund
Light Ernesto Mejia
​Music Henrik Meierkord, Cecilia Nordlund, Lotta Wenglén
Photo Robin Jansson

Target group Adults
Duration 85 min
Contact Emma El-Hallah emma.elhallah@helsingborg.se and Malmö Dockteater
www.helsingborgsstadsteater.se and www.malmodockteater.com