About us

Swedstage is a showcase that every other year presents the best Swedish performances that are ready to tour. The artistic selection paints a broad picture of Swedish performing arts and we present performances for all ages.

Swedstage is an initiative from the organizations Assitej Sweden and Swedish Performing Arts Coalition.


ASSITEJ Sweden is the national centre of international ASSITEJ consisting of more than 90 member countries worldwide. The organisation is a platform for everyone working with or having an interest in performing arts for children and youth. Our members include theatre- and dance groups, organisations and institutions, critics and cultural journalists, programmers, amateur theatres, organisations and associations as well as actors, directors, set designers and playwrights.

ASSITEJ Sweden works to spread knowledge of Swedish performing arts for children and youth by organising exchanges, performances, festivals, workshops and seminars.

We run joint projects with international partners from different parts of the world. Currently we are working with partners in Lebanon, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

ASSITEJ Sweden is an owner of bibu.se – the Swedish performing arts biennial for children and youth. bibu.se offers a selection of Swedish stage productions together with international guest performances. With an impressive selection of shows, seminars, workshops, forums and other happenings, bibu.se, creates a venue for artistic inspiration and reflexion.

Swedish Performing Arts Coalition

Swedish Performing Arts Coalition – Swedish ITI is the forum for co-operation and information within Swedish performing arts, and a centre for contact and exchange across borders. We address issues within education, documentation and cultural policy.

Swedish Performing Arts Coalition is a member organisation for Swedish theatres, theatre and dance institutions and organisations within Swedish performing arts.

Swedish Performing Arts Coalition runs various national and international projects such as promoting Swedish drama internationally, organising workshops in different countries and showcasing Swedish performing arts for the international market.

We arrange the Swedish Biennial for Performing Arts, which is the largest Swedish national festival. The biennial is held every second year and offers the best Swedish performances as well as international guest productions, workshops, seminars, master classes and many other opportunities for artist exchange and dialogue.

We are also responsible for a database with documentation and publication of facts and statistics of all performances produced in Sweden.